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Mycotoxin Remediation

UltraSorb - Mycotoxin Deactivator



UltraSorb® is a species-specific product-line developed to reduce the impact of mycotoxins on livestock production and health.

The Challenge

Mycotoxins are poisons that contaminate animal feed as a result of naturally occurring secondary metabolic processes in moulds growing on the feed. Mycotoxins pose a serious threat to the health and productivity of animals. The economic damage caused by mycotoxins is often considerable for pig, poultry as well as cattle.

The Solution

Each product is formulated to address the toxins that are most critical to the target animal and considers the conditions under which remediation will take place.

UltraSorb® - Mycotoxin Deactivator product line:

  • Ultrasorb P (poultry)
  • Ultrasorb S (swine)
  • Ultrasorb R (ruminants)
  • Ultrasorb A (fish and shrimp)
    UltraSorb mode of action

A fundamental principle of UltraSorb is to BIND, TRANSFORM and DEGRADE. A blend of highly adsorbent materials binds a wide range of mycotoxins and their derivatives to render them harmless to the animal. Biologically-active ingredients transform the molecular structure of difficult to bind mycotoxins to improve binding efficacy. Biologically active ingredients degrade mycotoxins into smaller less toxic molecules making them easier to bind. A unique blend of essential oils to promote palatability and protect against the adverse effects of toxin-forming moulds e.g. Aspergillus that may be present in feed


  • Animal-specific solution
  • Preventive control of multiple mycotoxins
  • Minimised negative impact of mycotoxins on the health and performance of the specific animal

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